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The normal term of a home loan is 20 years, you can opt for a 25 to 30 year home loan, but it is not advisable as you will pay a lot more in interest charges. The only real advantage is that, it does reduce your monthly installments considerably, making it easier for you to get into the property market.

As a single person, the bank will grant you a home loan at a monthly installment of 25% of your gross income, and 30% of your joint income.

Example : Single – Gross Income – R 10000.00 – your monthly installment must not exceed R 2500.00 month.

Joint – you and your spouse -Gross Income – R 15000.00 – your monthly installment shouldn’t exceed R 4500.00 a month.

Almost all the major banks in South Africa offer calculators where you can calculate your mortgage payment and some even offer calculators to see how much you can afford. We suggest you use them to work out what you can afford, before submitting your online application.

Bond Calculators

Bond Repayment Calculator
Use this Bond Calculator to work out what your monthly repayments will be.

Maximum Bond Calculator
Use this Bond Calculator to work out what is the maximum amount you can borrow according to your income.

Increased Installment
This bond calculator will show you how much you can save by increasing your monthly installment. You will see how the repayment term shortens as well as the total savings in interest.

Minimum Income Calculator
This bond calculator will show you what your monthly installments will be and what monthly income you need to secure the loan.

Bond Status Calculator
This bond calculator shows you how much you still owe on your Home Loan, as well as how much Interest and Capital you have paid.

Home Loan Tips

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